Greek feast @ Gipton

You will leave this class with a meal for two, ready to transport you straight to Greece!


£95.00 per person


2h 30min  –  3h

Skill level:


On this session the Leeds Cookery School chefs will teach you how to make delicious and authentic Greek dishes that you’ll want to make time and time again!

Techniques you will learn:

  • Learn the art of low and slow cooking which tenderises meat and deepen flavours.

  • Get expert tips on how to source authentic Greek ingredients.

  • Learn how to get the best out of seasonal vegetables to create a perfectly balanced, high-quality vegetable dish.

  • Learn a range of knife skills for use in your everyday cooking.

  • Learn the art of deep-frying and come away with some essential know-how. 


In this class the recipes below, including ingredients list and method, are provided for you to take home to add to your repertoire so you can keep on cooking them time and time again.

  • Greek Spiced Beef Stew (Stifado)

  • Greek Lemon Potatoes (Patates Limonates)

  • Authentic Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

  • Greek Honey Nut Fritters (Loukoumades)

What you can take home

There is a tasting session after each class where you have the chance to sample the tutor’s version of each dish. You will also take home everything that you’ve made.

- Please note you will need to bring 3 sizeable (minimum 1L) food storage containers to take your food home in. You do not need to bring any other equipment or ingredients with you as this will be provided by the cookery school and is included in the cost. 

- Please make sure to inform us of any allergies when booking the class

We use induction hobs at the cookery school so if you have a pacemaker fitted please get in contact with us when you have booked to let us know so we can adapt our equipment to meet your needs. 

Refreshments are provided throughout, on all of our classes.

Before booking this class please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy, especially if you are booking on the behalf of another person.  

Cancellation Policy

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