Class List

We offer an extensive range of chef-led cookery classes and courses ranging from half-day to full-day sessions.


6-week Cookery Skills Course (LEVEL ONE) [6 x 2.5hrs]

6-week Cookery Skills Course (LEVEL TWO) [6 x 2.5hrs]

School Leavers 2 Day Intensive Cookery Skills Course [2 x 6hrs]

Knife Skills (Plant-Based) [2.5hrs]

Zero-Waste Whole Chicken [2.5hrs]

Seafood Preparation & Paella [2.5hrs]

Fresh Fish Preparation & Cooking [2.5hrs]

4-week Thai Cookery Course


A Taste of Brazil [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Greece [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Hawaii [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Northern India (Plant-Based) [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Louisiana [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Mexico [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Sweden [2.5hrs]

Curry Pastes & Blends [5hrs]

Pan-Asian Masterclass (vegetarian) [4hrs]

Pasta Masterclass [4hrs]

Filled Pasta [2.5hrs]

Flat Pasta [2.5hrs]

La Cucina Vegetariana - Vegetarian Italian [5hrs]

Perfect Risotto & Arancini [2.5hrs]

Pizza and Prosecco Cocktails [2.5hrs]

Pizza and Prosecco Cocktails - Winter [2.5hrs]

Tapas [2.5hrs]


Plant-based Chinese [2.5hrs]

Thai Takeaway [2.5hrs]

Plant-based Thai [2.5hrs]

Malaysian Takeaway [2.5hrs]

Indian Takeaway (Chicken or Veg) [2.5hrs]

Indian Takeaway (Lamb or Veg) [2.5hrs]


Bread-making Essentials [5hrs]

Choux Pastry [2.5hrs]

Sweet & Savoury Pastry Masterclass [5hrs]

Doughnuts [2.5hrs]

Italian Baking [4hrs]

Jewish Baking [5hrs]

Nordic Baking [5hrs]

Plant-Based Baking [2.5hrs]

Sweet Morning Breads [2.5hrs]


Knife Skills (Plant-based) [2.5hrs]

Plant-based Chinese [2.5hrs]

Plant-based Thai [2.5hrs]

A Taste of Northern India (Plant-based) [2.5hrs]

Plant-based Baking [2.5hrs]


Steph Moon's Spring Masterclass [5hrs]

Loc's Taste of Vietnam - Menu 1 [5hrs]

Loc's Taste of Vietnam - Menu 2 [5hrs]

Afsaneh's Persian Kitchen - New recipes 2022 [5hrs]

Afsaneh's Persian Kitchen - Menu 2 [5hrs]


Parent & Child - Easter Baking [2.5hrs]

Parent & Child - Sweet Morning Breads [2.5hrs]

Parent & Teen - Flat Pasta [2.5hrs]

Parent & Teen - Indian Takeaway Chicken or Veg [2.5hrs] 

Parent & Child - Doughnut Making [2.5hrs]