Fresh fish preparation and cooking

This class will teach you the skills needed to confidently prepare fresh whole fish and cook the fillets perfection.


£75.00 per person


2h 30min

About this experience

This class is an essential for those that want to up their fish cooking game. It will not only teach you all the necessary techniques to prepare and cook a fish but it will also teach you what to look for when buying fresh fish, how to ensure its from a sustainable source and storage techniques.

Techniques you will learn:

  • Learn what quality points to look for in fresh fish and different types of fish – flat, round, oily and white.

  • Become confident in pan frying techniques.

  • Learn how fillet a fresh mackerel (round fish).

  • The Chef will demonstrate how to prepare and fillet a whole seabass.

  • Develop your knife skills by cutting vegetables for a classic ratatouille to accompany your fish dishes.


  • Pan fried sea bass with charred fennel

  • Ratatouille

  • Grilled mackerel

What you take home:

The recipe pack and everything you have made within the class. There is a tasting session after each class where you have the chance to sample the tutor’s version of each dish.

We provide all equipment and ingredients.

We use induction hobs at the cookery school so if you have a pacemaker fitted please get in contact with us when you have booked to let us know so we can adapt our equipment to meet your needs. 

Refreshments are provided throughout, on all of our classes.

Before booking this class please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy, especially if you are booking on the behalf of another person.  

Cancellation Policy