Indian Takeaway - Lamb Balti @ Gipton

Learn the key skills to make a Lamb Balti at home along with all the trimmings!

About this experience

We will welcome you with some mini poppadom, mango chutney and a cold glass of lager before embarking on your food journey with us.

What you will make:

  • Lamb Balti

  • Oven baked Pilaf Rice 

  • Chapatti

  • Riata

Techniques you will learn:

  • We will show you how to achieve maximum flavour from your spices.

  • How to make a curry paste.

  • How make a chappati from scratch. 

  • How to make a flavoursome rice dish to compliment curry.

  • Learn essential knife skills in preparing the meat to go into your curry.

There is a tasting session after each class where you will have the chance to sample the tutor’s version of each dish.

We kindly ask that you bring 3 sizeable (minimum 1L) food storage containers to take your food home in. This helps us to save on costs and hence more money goes to our charity, Zest.

All ingredients are provided by the cookery school and are subject to availability of produce. 


Please make sure to inform us of any allergies/dietary requirements when booking the class.

We use induction hobs at the cookery school so if you have a pacemaker fitted please get in contact with us when you have booked to let us know so we can adapt our equipment to meet your needs. 

Before booking this class please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy, especially if you are booking on the behalf of another person.