Yes, we’re a social enterprise, but what does that mean?

You might have heard us talk about Leeds Cookery School being a social enterprise, but what exactly does being a social enterprise mean?

Well, it’s quite simple really.

A social enterprise is a business aimed at doing good, either by donating all profits to a good cause or by doing great things as part of their day to day (or both!).

So in a nut shell, the driving force behind Leeds Cookery School is the desire to help our community.

At Leeds Cookery School we gift all of our profit to a local Leeds charity called Zest. Zest have been operating since 2002 and work across the city to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable residents.

You may not be aware that in someone living in the most affluent area of Leeds has a life expectancy of 10 years more than those living in the least affluent areas. That’s a difference of 10 years in 10 miles. Shocking really in 2020. We want to help change that.

Zest have been doing some fantastic work in the last 18 years to bridge the gap, but there is still lots more to do. So this is where Leeds Cookery School can help. With charity funding becoming ever more hard to find, we act as another income stream for Zest.

What does this mean for our customers? It just means that by attending a class with us, buying a voucher from us or coming to dine along side us you are supporting Zest.

So if you’d like to do a good deed, have an award winning experience and help local people, do come along to our cookery school with a conscience!

You can read a bit more about Zest here or find them on Facebook here.