Meet Simon - Food Project & Leeds Cookery School Manager

Meet Simon - Food Project & Leeds Cookery School Manager

Meet Simon Chappelow our Food Projects and Leeds Cookery School Manager. Simon has been with LCS from the very beginning; from when it was a concept on a piece of paper to now, a multi-award winning cookery school.

But Simon’s journey didn’t start here, it started in a Leeds restaurant called Marcel’s where he found his passion for cooking when he went there for work experience as wee teenager. He started where most budding Chefs start, as a pot washer and he quickly fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. His time at Marcel’s made him realise he wanted to become a Chef and this led him to Thomas Danby College where he successfully completed a course in hospitality & catering.

From there he swiftly worked his way up the culinary ladder working in venues like Hazelwood Castle where he worked his way round every section in the kitchen. He then moved onto The Calls Grill where he mastered the art of a good steak. He went onto be Head Chef at The Townhouse and The Wardrobe where he received many 5 star reviews for his dishes.

As Head Chef, Simon developed and mentored his team members and after his help and guidance some went onto work in senior roles in other restaurants in Leeds. It was the joy of watching others learn and develop that led Simon to the role of Food Projects Coordinator at Zest where he project managed the set up of The Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food.

After his success at setting up and running the Ministry of Food Zest asked him to project manage the set-up of a social enterprise which would give back to the charity so they could continue their work in the disadvantaged areas of Leeds.

Leeds Cookery School, the social enterprise was opened in 2018 after lots of hard work from Simon and the Zest team. We are incredibly proud to have Simon at the LCS helm, his kitchen knowledge and project management skills are second to none and he’s a cracking teacher as well!

We’ve got to know Simon’s culinary journey, now it’s time to ask him some important questions!

What’s your favourite LCS class dish?

“Oh that’s a hard one but if I had to pick one it would be the pasta masterclass. I find making pasta very therapeutic.”

If you only had one more meal to eat before your demise, what would it be?

“This changes a lot but today it would be Shepard’s pie and a trifle for dessert. We’re not posh, us Chef’s you know, we like the home comforts!”

Last question, give us a food fact.

“Did you know that the bagel, which is a traditional Yiddish bread, is a circular shape to symbolize the cycle of life as there is no beginning and no end.”