Parent & Kids Doughnuts @ Gipton

A family workshop creating filled doughnuts together


£110.00 – £135.00 per person


2h 30min

Skill level:


This session is designed for families to enjoy together. Parents cooking alongside their children taking time out to create not doughnuts, but precious memories. The workshop focuses on bringing out creativity and exploring the art of doughnut making and filling whilst bonding with a loved one. A session to cherish and enjoy to the fullest.


Workshop Roadmap

Together or if you choose in friendly competition, You and your child will make, bake and fill your own doughnuts, developing skills to challenge any baker or maybe just each other.

All the session’s recipes are provided for you to take home to add to your repertoire so you can keep on cooking them time and time again.


What you will take away from the experience

At Leeds cookery school we aim for our guests to take home a combination of newfound skills, knowledge, and a memorable experience that enriches their culinary curiosities and encourages them to explore & enjoy food in new and exciting ways.

At the end of our workshops we encourage our guests to relax and enjoy tasting the fruits of their labour and share the experience with their fellow participants.