Taste of Vietnam @ Kirkgate

Green Saigon is an engaging culinary experience designed for those who wish to explore the fresh, vibrant flavours of Vietnamese cuisine through a vegetarian lens. This workshop is perfect for food enthusiasts looking to expand their cooking repertoire with vegetarian dishes that don’t compromise on taste or authenticity.

Workshop Roadmap

·        Pho – Beautifully rich but balanced broth aka Vietnams most famous dish known and replicated throughout the world.

·        Banh Mi – A legacy left behind by the French, Banh mi is a baguette stuffed with punchy flavours and sheer goodness of herbs, pickles and chick’n.

·        Bun Cha – Originating in the capital city Hanoi, traditionally, this simple yet delicious dish consists of rice vermicelli, BBQ pork and a sweet and sour broth. Here we will recreate this dish using tofu & mushroom.

·        Com Chien – Vietnamese fried rice, contrastingly to Chinese fried rice the base sauce in a Vietnamese fried rice is fish sauce, giving a completely different depth of flavour.

All the session’s recipes are provided for you to take home to add to your repertoire so you can keep on cooking them time and time again.

What you will take away from the experience

At Leeds cookery school we aim for our guests to take home a combination of newfound skills, knowledge, and a memorable experience that enriches their culinary curiosities and encourages them to explore & enjoy food in new and exciting ways.

At the end of our workshops we encourage our guests to relax and enjoy tasting the fruits of their labour and share the experience with their fellow participants.


Please note:

You do not need to bring any other equipment or ingredients with you as this will be provided by the cookery school and is included in the cost. 

Please make sure to inform us of any allergies when booking on to the workshop

We use induction hobs at the cookery school so if you have a pacemaker fitted, please get in contact with us when you have booked to let us know so we can adapt our equipment to meet your needs.

Refreshments are provided throughout the session.

Before booking this workshop please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy, whether you are booking for Yourself or on behalf of another person - Cancellation Policy